Free Downloads for Little Beach Buddies

Ahoy there! Long before Rory & Ruby, the stars of our picture book series and inspiration for our brand, there was Rory, on his own and having fun with his canine chum, Scruff McDuff as they played on the beach with magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. Rory's changed quite a bit from those early days when his seaside adventures thrilled young fans, but Scruff McDuff is still sharing in the rib-tickling stories along with their new, best ever friend, Ruby. And of course, he still has a shock of red hair and he still wears his favourite stripy t-shirt and tartan shorts because Rory just wouldn't be Rory without them!

In case you're like us and missing trips to the beach while we all stay safe at home, we wanted to share some fun things to do! So we've raided our buried treasure chest and dusted off some pieces of gold that we're going to post online via our blog until we can all go paddling and building sandcastles again!

To get things started here's a colouring sheet to download, illustrated by Tom Cole who used to bring Rory and his adventures to life back in the day. Just click and drag the picture on to your desktop and print. Please print as many copies as you'd like and share this link on email and social media so other little beach buddies you know can join in too!

Take care and stay safe from the team at Rory & Ruby. 


Rory & Ruby Colouring Sheet 1